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(Logo di Ambra Vaccari)

Timmerman è una parola olandese che significa “carpentiere”, colui che costruisce; Timmerman è anche il nome di due persone grazie alle quali ci stiamo presentando.




Il logo del Timmerman (cortesia di @Ambra Vaccari e Giacomo Mesini)

Il logo del Timmerman/ Timmerma’s logo (cortesia/courtesy of Ambra Vaccari e Giacomo Mesini)

Il Timmerman e’ un collettivo di base a Milano. Crede nella collaborazione, nella musica, nell’arte. Cerca, trova e porta assieme i migliori artisti: da Milano, Italia e il resto del mondo.


Why and how print is not dead

This panel will take a look at the booming independent and quarterly magazine production of the last few years and explore how despite the crisis of traditional print media an incredible number of small publications have been launched. Through the personal experience of Federico Sarica, co-founder and editor of Studio, Ricarda Messner, founder of Flaneur magazine, Cesare Alemanni, co-founder and editor of Berlin Quarterly and Ibrahim Nehme, founder and editor of The Outpost, it will dig in to such questions and do its best to extrapolate a number of answers. The panel will be moderated by Alberto Mucci, The Outpost’s assistant editor and a regular contributor to Studio. (altro…)

Civilian Spectrums by Imad Habbab at The Kindergarten Collective

ImadHabbab at The Kindergarten Collective (photo courtesy of Flora Lenses)

ImadHabbab at The Kindergarten Collective (photo courtesy of Flora Lenses)

Civilian spectrums : When the flashback of the city comes with a group of impressions, reforming a continuous action of concrete that find a place for itself in the painting, getting cut between the metal cranes that hiding the scene and rebuilding it at the same time .. where there’s more of the concrete which is thirsty to exist.. which cannot wait until he fulfil that air climbed by the “metal crowns”, the lighting space getting requiems with more constructions while the identity still hidden as a metaphysical observer who’s pushing this changes to be complete as a sensible end .. an objective chaos controlled with its details (altro…)