The Outpost

The Outpost is a magazine of possibilities. It aims to ignite a renaissance in the Arab world through inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities.

The magazine is published four times a year from Beirut. Launched in Autumn 2012, the magazine has been nominated for Best New Magazine in 2012, as well as Best Magazine Design alongside New York Times magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek in Magpile’s Magazine Awards.

Why and how print is not dead

This panel will take a look at the booming independent and quarterly magazine production of the last few years and explore how despite the crisis of traditional print media an incredible number of small publications have been launched. Through the personal experience of Federico Sarica, co-founder and editor of Studio, Ricarda Messner, founder of Flaneur magazine, Cesare Alemanni, co-founder and editor of Berlin Quarterly and Ibrahim Nehme, founder and editor of The Outpost, it will dig in to such questions and do its best to extrapolate a number of answers. The panel will be moderated by Alberto Mucci, The Outpost’s assistant editor and a regular contributor to Studio. (altro…)


The Outpost’s new home


The Outpost, Mar Mikael (photo via @Ieva)

The Outpost, Mar Mikael (photo via @Ieva Saudargaite’)

Ieva Saudargaitė

This is our new home. For its opening week we are hosting a special second anniversary exhibition and a pop-up cafe, in addition to showcasing some newly released print products.

The space, designed by +236m3, is located in Mar Mikhail next to the old train station. 

Possibilità di un magazine: The Outpost, nuova voce del mondo arabo

Ultimi ritocchi all'Outpost numero cinque

Ultimi ritocchi all’Outpost numero cinque (photo via@ TheOutpost)

Nei giorni scorsi è venuto a trovarci in redazione Alberto Mucci, assistent editor della rivista. Alberto è giovane, ha studiato tra Europa e Stati Uniti per poi arrivare in Libano dove ha vissuto per circa un anno dedicandosi a questa iniziativa editoriale. Ed è proprio lui a spiegarci di come The Outpost offra giornalismo narrativo raccontando storie di coraggio e iniziative dal basso senza cadere nella retorica “del racconto dal basso”. (altro…)