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Ventitre anni, gli ultimi quasi tutti (purtroppo) passati fuori dall’Italia: la maggior parte a Londra con intramezzi mediorientali per tentare di studiare un arabo mai imparato e un periodo, caldo e fantastico, nell’Africa dell’Est. Oggi scrive di politica americana, cultura pop e quant’altro. Vive a Chicago, la città di Obama o come la descrive David Axelrod, mitico consigliere del presidente, ciò che “è oggi quello che fu Boston ai tempi dei Kennedy” – il centro ufficioso del potere politico americano. Oltre allo scrivere c’è la bicicletta, il nuoto e i libri. Un giorno ne vorrebbe scrivere uno suo. Prima però ci vuole un’idea. Al momento non c’è, ma forse magari un giorno verrà.

Italy’s Renzi visits Teheran

Iran's Rouhani and Italy's Renzi during a conference

Iran’s Rouhani and Italy’s Renzi during a conference

MILAN – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is flying to Iran on Tuesday for a two-day official visit with leaders of the Islamic Republic that is also packed with meetings with Iran’s business and trade representatives.



Donald Trump ignores Europe’s far-right

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Wisconsin Ahead Of State's Primary

PARIS — Europe’s far-right politicians are desperate to make friends with Donald Trump, but the U.S. Republican candidate is snubbing them — at least for now.

As Trump continues to dominate headlines — in the U.S. and in Europe — with provocative statements that women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment” or that NATO is “obsolete,” far-right and Euroskeptic groups from France to Italy to the Netherlands are trying to ride the billionaire’s momentum to make gains at home. (altro…)

Do Sweden’s refugee policies work?

Refugee's welcome on the front page of free newspaper Metro in Sweden

Refugee’s welcome on the front page of free newspaper Metro in Sweden

Malmo – Aida Hadzialic arrived in Sweden as a Bosnian refugee in 1992. She was five years old and her parents had just escaped the Balkan war.

Hadzialic learned Swedish, integrated into her new neighbourhood, graduated from high school and enrolled as a law student at the University of Lund, where she first started to get involved in politics.


Your Breakfast Itinerary in the Brunch Capital of the World



 “Do you know what you want?” Ercan, one of the six brothers running Van Kahvalti Evi, Istanbul’s best breakfast spot, asks me. “Istanbul’s best breakfast” is a hard claim to defend in a sprawling city with more than 15 million people, but the queue outside the restaurant seems to confirm that this place is brunch royalty.c